Why Excel?

Business process management: Operations are nothing without tracking. Planning is empty without data from operations. Data is nothing without analysis and analysis is useless is it cannot be applied to process improvement, customer service improvement, performance growth and increased profit/improved services.

Microsoft Excel is a computer software program that uses spreadsheets to organize (and to some extent store) and analyze data.

Application of Excel

Excel is an office worker’s chief tool, a business owner’s compass. Even for large business owners, Excel is key before data is uploaded into an Enterprise Resource Planning or even database software and even more critical in generating analysis from data retrieved from business systems. Excel is comparable to a VEHICLE to take a small business to a higher level. To a large business, excel may not be a car but it will certainly be A KEY to ignite the vehicle to move to greater heights.

Some of the commonest applications of Excel

  • Data Entry and Storage. At its most basic level, Excel is an excellent tool for both data entry and storage;
  • Collection and Verification of Business Data;
  • Finance, Accounting and Budgeting, sales, marketing, procurement, fleet management, HR;
  • Data cleaning
  • Data Analysis.
  • Reporting + Visualizations.
  • Forecasting.

Why Train in Excel

As an office worker, train to avoid the agonies of a farmer with a blunt garden hand-tool

  1. Avoid the scraping approach to using Excel. You will not know that you do not know Excel unless you challenge yourself to learn from those who have more exposure.
  2. You will spend many hours making avoidable mistakes and learning the hard way. Stop scraping Excel, start a guided journey, and launch into depth with expert trainers.
  3. AppExcel is your one-stop centre for learning the Applications of Excel and launching a career-long soft life.
  4. Join billions of Excel users globally and more than 50% of global businesses that use Excel. Do it better, sharpen your cutting Edge, stand above your peers, and enjoy your work with top office skills. Procure a new launchpad to project your career.
  5. For many people, Microsoft applications and, indeed, Excel in particular one application they interact with at work and, although they need the application daily, many never get the opportunity to enjoy its features, functions and utilities.

As a result, many office workers will:

  • Spend a lot of time managing data/information manually in Excel;
  • Handle daily repetitive tasks and are unable to automate the process to save time;
  • Stay longer in the office to complete reports that would be quickened with Excel knowledge or even automated (even without VBA programs) ;
  • Face career limits simply because they cannot complete tasks on time or will get demoralized like a farmer with a blunt hand tool