Youngster Superstar: Analytics and Excel Power Up!

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Course Content

Module1: Power up with Basics and fundamentals
Learn the Excel User interface

  • How to open Excel
  • How to enter data excel and save the excel file.
  • How to open previously saved data
  • The structure of columns and rows in excel
  • Overview of the Excel Window/Graphic User Interface
  • Basics of Data Analysis
  • Overview of Excel Formats
  • Difference between a Workbook and Worksheet
  • Copy and paste or move sheet in or outside a workbook
  • Add columns and Rows in a worksheet
  • Hide or Unhide rows and Columns
  • Freeze or unfreeze panes to view large datasets

Module 2: Power up interaction with data manipulation techniques
Learn how to work with data in Excel

Module 3: Power up with formulas to assess Class Performance
Learn basics of sum, count, average, sumifs, countifs to add, count, average and other basic functions.

Module 4: Visualizations: Class performance report using charts and graphs
Learn how to make different graphs and updating their properties like Titles, Axes, Legends, Series, Data labels etc.

Module 5: Power up conversion of marks/score to grades using common Excel functions
Converting scores/marks to grades using IF, IFS, VLOOKUP, INDEX/MATCH and XLOOKUP Functions

Module 6: Superstar on a Data Management Journey
Data Management: sorting and filtering data

Module 7: Mum’s shop (Duuka) case Study: Introductory Business Analysis and Reporting in Excel using PIVOT TABLES.
PIVOT TABLE ANALYSIS SKILLS: Setting foothold on the analytics pedestal analyzing performance of business operations of mum's shop. Using grocery operations data to generate a business performance report suing the all powerful PIVOT TABLE functionality n Excel.

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